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Mendota Pet offers quality and good-priced dog supplies. All products are made by hand in the USA. The most popular Mendota Pet goods are collars, leashes, training and outdoor stuff. Also, there is a wide range of health products.

Mendota Pet Dog Leashes & Leads

Mendota Pet has 3 categories of leashes. Leads can be leather, rope, and synthetic. Leather Leashes look classic and become softer as time goes. Synthetic Leashes look like leather ones but don't hold a scent. Also, they are easy to clean. Rope Leashes are represented in various colors and forms. In addition, Mendota Pet has a show collection of leads and collars. With such leashes, you will impress the judges at first view.

Dog Collars

Also, Mendota Pet offers 3 types of collars: leather, synthetic, and braided. All of them are perfectly designed and safe to wear.

Whistles & Lanyards

Find all necessary whistles for dog training. Mendota Pet produces Sportsman's, Roy Gonia, Buckhorn, The Answer, and Clear Competition Mega Whistles. Also, any whistle you can pair with various lanyards. Furthermore, these whistles are easy-to-blow and protect the handler's ears from loud sound.

Training Leads & Cords

Quick & Handler Lead, Training Tabs, Check & Super Cords. But the most popular is EZ Trainer. It was designed together with a professional dog trainer. So, it's easy-to-use and good for sitting, stop jumping commands.

Training Dummies & Throws

If you plan hunting with your dog, first you need to train it. Plastic & Canvas Dummy Throws are the best choice. They have actual game size and weight.

Field Outfits & Supplies

Dress your dog with Ultra Paw Boots, Visi-Vest or Canine Jackets. Also, remember about Scid Plate. It protects your dog's chest and stomach from injuries. In addition, Collapsible Bowl. It's good for traveling. Thanks to it, your dog will be always hydrated. By the way, it fits in your pocket. Don't forget about Snap Bell. It helps to know where your dog is.

Retrieve Health

Retrieve Health Products will help to keep your dog happy and strong. So, Mendota Pet provides high-quality health goods: Chew Stopper, Enzymes & Probiotics, Greens Keeper Lawn Tabs, Multi-Vitamins, Speed Bath, and Hydration Tabs. Also, Mendota Pet Salmon Sticks are a very tasty treat. They are rich in Omega-3 oils and protein. In addition, it's all natural product and helps to protect dog's heart.

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