Trees, condos & scratchers

Looking for the perfect accessories to enhance your cat's life? Discover our wide range of products in the "Trees, condos & scratchers" category at Pet Supplies Place. Elevate your feline's world with our premium window perches, providing a cozy spot with a view they'll adore. Our trees and condos offer multiple levels for climbing, playing, and resting, while our houses and modern furniture add style and comfort to their living spaces. Keep your furniture safe with our durable scratching posts, and maximize vertical space with our innovative wall shelves. Give your cat the luxury they deserve and shop now at Pet Supplies Place.
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  • Cube condo size: 13.4" x 12.2" x 11.8" (l x w x h); entrance size
  • Cuboid condo size: 13.8" x 12" x 10.2" (l x w x h); entrance size
  • Diameter of the top perch
  • Diameter of top perch
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